Lately my social media feeds have been full of horror stories of brides purchasing their wedding dresses from obscure and shady online sites claiming to provide designer gowns at one fourth the price…why the heck would anyone fall for this nonsense? Please don’t misunderstand me, there are plenty of legitimate and totally reliable online resources for formal wear and many of my couples have taken the online route especially when purchasing for the bridal party. Believe me I completely understand how difficult it is to get a group of gal pals together for a glass of wine and dinner let alone for an afternoon deciding on a dress. Reputable online shops = fabulous!

So I obviously am not talking about dresses for you maids from Davids Bridal, Dessy, J Crew or BHLDN…I am talking about those websites that are titled “Cheap, Discounted or Factory Direct”. If you are only paying $30.00 shipping for a gown claiming to be 85% off please do not be surprised when you open the box and see a dress that could be sold as a Halloween costume at your local big box store.

My fabulous Sister in Law, Darlene Naszados, professional seamstress extraordinaire, has countless years of experience with bridal and formal wear and has seen her fair share of online ordering nightmares. She has the following advice for you and yours…

“When it comes to garments, particularly bridal and formal, you get what you pay for. It may appear to be less expensive to “order online” but in actuality it is not. As a Seamstress & professional Dressmaker I have seen first hand the true cost of ordering on line. Nothing can compare to the quality, feel and fit of a well made garment only available at a well established salons. The customer service at a Bridal or formal boutique is crucial to ensuring the perfect choice and fit. I have helped many clients by restructuring, repairing and reinforcing garments purchased online, leaving the total cost of the gown or outfit almost double the price. You only get what you pay for!”

Food for thought.

Chat soon! Kelly xo


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