Jennifer Dang | Ferre Sposa Bridal Boutique | Toronto

  1. What trend are you most excited for in 2018?

Off the shoulder! It’s classy, beautiful and incredibly feminine. To me, your wedding gown is your true feminine, what I mean by that is though we all have varying ratio of masculine and feminine energy, your wedding gown is your feminine energy’s time to shine. Whether you get a bride with tom boyish or sporty sense of style, it is in the shopping for their wedding gown that they allow their deepest feminine energy to come out without reservation. The off the shoulder detail is a trend that I can fully be behind, and can never discriminate who I’d recommend this style to, especially with the option of making it detachable, it is truly a versatile detail.

  1. Are there any styles you are skeptical about?

Winged sleeves. At Ferre Sposa, we just brought in a brand new collection that features an array of affordable boho-style wedding gowns. My team and I are extremely excited about the collection as our brides have been asking for it, however, some looks are harder to pull off than others… Specifically the winged sleeves can sometimes hide your figure and shape. Though I love how beautiful and unique your photos will turn out, the style itself may not work for most brides.

  1. When you hear the word “timeless” what style of dress do you picture?

Less is more. It doesn’t mean a slim gown, it means slimmer in details… The simpler the better. I don’t think there is anything more timeless than a satin ball-gown. Wedding gown fashion have centuries been influenced by royalty, all around the world. With the exception of a few princesses, you’ll find many of them opt for the “classic” a-line or ball-gown skirt with minimal details on the bodice.

  1. Thoughts on capes and caplets?

This is really an opportunity to bring your personality into your wedding day style! Often brides nowadays are opting to not wear a veil. Alternative ways to give your wedding day look a bit more glam or drama, capes and caplets are a great options (both modern and vintage looks) to consider.

  1. What trend do you wish you saw more of?

The classics. We are in a time where slim, sexy and soft is the look to go for. Myself I’m a bit more on the classic side, I wish there were more of the “timeless” looks I mentioned earlier. Timeless fabrics like satin and silks, made simply with high quality fabrics and minimal details, in the princess bride silhouette that is the ball-gown!

  1. Do you find that as the years go on, brides are more open to bold and statement gowns?

It’s a personality thing. There will always be the bold and statement bride in every decade. While I feel like I am surrounded by both friends and customers who are making bolder wedding fashion decision because of the Ferre Sposa brand, there is something also to be said about having that beautiful traditional wedding you’ve always dreamed of, especially now that I’ve just opened Elisabeth & Beau a boutique filled with stunning traditional wedding gowns.

  1. What is your favourite vacation spot and why?

Italy. It’s got everything you need from beautiful backdrops, amazing food, romantic sounds, culture and history.